*Valentine and Villain, a standalone duology, released together as one book!*

Will she sacrifice her cape to wear his collar?

The girl.
He wants to steal her.
He needs to possess her.
His mind and body burns for her.

The creepy man with the wicked black eyes.
She doesn’t want to want him, but she’s given no choice.
The dominant jerk whose kinks ignite her own, threatening to steal her life’s purpose, and leave her groveling at his feet.

She uses her powers to become a selfless hero.
He uses his powers to become a selfish mercenary.

Atypical Aphrodisia means they can’t walk away from the lust they share.
War threatens to wrench them apart.
Their obsession with each other might destroy them.
This book is an angsty dark romance that contains elements of BDSM, as well as potential triggers. As with many of my books, this series includes polyamory and graphic descriptions of bisexual relationships.