The Valentine Duology


*Valentine and Villain, a standalone duology, released together as one book!*

All hell breaks loose when an irresistible lust claims a budding superhero and the alphahole mercenary who’s been stalking her.

As a starry-eyed Atypical law-enforcement trainee, Jory had dreams and a bright future. Now, she’s nothing more than Valentine’s toy. But how can she escape when she’s desperate for his every touch? Pitting her powers against his yields only one result – her complete submission.

The brooding, leather-clad Valentine will hunt her through chaos, through battle, through pain, to bury himself inside her. There’s no escaping each other or the rare Aphrodisia that afflicts them.

War explodes between humans and the super-powered Atypicals, and the line blurs between good and evil. If their lust for each other doesn’t kill them, these two obsessed lovers might just be the answer to this war.

The Valentine Duology includes rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.