Chase Islands Series

these standalone chase/takedown novels can be read in any order

In this tropical paradise, the games are rough and the women never win.

Signing a one-month contract allowing rich, brutish men to prey on me isn’t a wholesome way to earn a scholarship for my sister, but desperate times call for reckless measures.

Keeping a low profile is no longer an option when Ajax and Calder start targeting me. Sure, they’re hot, but they’re also twisted and mean, and won’t leave me alone. To make matters worse, every time they claim me for themselves I learn something new and shameful about my deepest, most deviant fantasies.

But they’re not the only threat on this island.

Sacrificing my body may be inevitable, but sacrificing my life wasn’t in the contract.

Content Warning:

dubcon, noncon, CNC, chase and takedown, SA by medical staff, kidnapping, bondage, knife play, blood play, OW prior to HH&h getting together, sharing, possible CSA mentioned, drowning play, roofie play, mouth spitting, spanking, public sex, DP, DPV.

Working as hired prey for rich men is risky, but getting kidnapped from Prey Island by two big, bearded Russians isn’t in my job description.

Once Bron and Ilya have me in their clutches, they offer me a contract they won’t let me refuse.

Worse, they’re exactly my type.

Now I’m the test subject in Bron’s final push to teach Ilya how to be a ‘real man’. Without me, their exile on a rugged island in northern Russia may become a life sentence. Their toxic relationship intrigues me. To my dismay, soon I’m struggling not to fall in love with both men and their rough, overbearing attentions.

When we visit Ilya’s ruthless family, I pose as his fiancée to prove he’s changed. Secrets are exposed. Deadly chaos reigns.

The three of us have struggled to create a life together, but a storm is coming.

I don’t know if we’re ready.

Content Warning:

dubcon, noncon, CNC, chase and takedown, memories of SA, kidnapping, bondage, axe play, blood play, sharing, roofie play, mouth spitting, spanking, belt punishment, DP, DPV