Protecting His Brat


It’s ridiculous, but at almost twenty-two, Mother still controls what I wear and what I read. So, when my childhood bodyguard retires, of course Mother chooses his replacement without consulting me. I need someone to protect me from the kidnappers who always seem to be lurking, but huge, quiet, Mr. Köhler, with his jaw like stone and mashed nose, is not what I have in mind.

The man seems like he’s going to be dull, but the first time I get sassy with him, his intensity steals my breath.

Teasing him is the most fun I’ve ever had.


Before I can stop her, the bratty little tease I’m protecting gets under my skin…and then she starts calling me Daddy. Although she tests my patience and self-control, I can’t bring myself to resign.

As the danger escalates, I’ll do anything to keep Miss Kincaid safe…but keeping her safe from me is the most difficult assignment I’ve ever had.